Shula poses by the river Tweed at Melrose.Fabulous photo, Duncan!

24 Responses to “Cue the bagpipes!”

  1. robertjm

    CLASSIC! Sheltie Nation should put out a calendar with all the submissions they get!

  2. Beth

    BEAUTIFUL!! Shula looks regal and the scenery is magnificent! Definitely a calendar shot. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Sharon

    WOW! What an awesome photo – the setting, the pose, Shula is gorgeous! I’ve been to Scotland and sadly, never saw even one Sheltie! I would blow up this picture and frame it! :-)

  4. Will

    As a man of Scots heritage and a photographer of some skill, and owned by two shelties at that – this is a wonderful photograph. It is a place I will try to visit on my next trip to Scotland.

  5. Ruth Shoenthal

    I have never seen such a perfect Sheltie picture. She’s regal, elegant & beautiful. Both the picture and Shula are perfect. Wow.

  6. Robin Hall

    Awesome shot, definately another contender for the
    Sheltie Calender, 2 thumbs UP on that one.


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