Riley lays it on super thick!

How do you ever leave the house Donna?  ;)

12 Responses to “Don’t gooooo!”

  1. Donna

    When I come home he is often in the same location. The kicker, his head turns as I drive away and he follows me….

  2. Rapha's mom

    It is truly a special treat to come home to the sheltie waiting in the window.

  3. John

    I know that look. I got it from Chelsea when she was younger. Can they lay on a guilt trip! When she learned that I *was* coming back, she still made me feel guilty if I had to go someplace without her. :-)

  4. Alyssa

    This is the look i get EVERY single time i leave the house. Just makes you feel like a terrible person hey?

  5. Mary

    We go through this every time we leave…..they think we are never coming back…melts our hearts!

  6. Paige Thomas

    What a beautiful picture! I think most of us Sheltie owners would have to admit that our Sheltie children get us to the point of NOT wanting to leave home if they have to stay behind:) They steal our hearts BIG TIME!


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