Notice how Dodger & Bella’s mouths form a heart?  They are saying “I heart you”

Yea sure, that is exactly what they are saying Mary!  LOL

7 Responses to “Help for the Cute-Impaired”

  1. Kate Colbert

    We’ve got three shelties and this is something we see several times a day. It never occurred to me to flip them upside down to make them love each other. Hehehe :-)

  2. Maida Farrar

    I love this! My precious Angie Love and sweet Christopher play like this too and I love to watch them. Angie is way too cute, pulling her lips up so far that she just keeps sneezing! Shelties are just the best and sweetest.

  3. Judy

    My boys play just like that too, making these goofy sounds as they “spar”. It’s so funny to watch, isn’t it.

  4. Paige Thomas

    Funny! My Timmy and buddy ‘play’ just like that. You would think they were as mad as ____ with each other, but just fun!


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