7 Responses to “Powdered sugar toppings!”

  1. Felix

    Oh my gosh. What a beautiful Sheltie!!! I have a tri-factored sable, he has two sisters and they are tris. They must be so beautiful!
    Cosmo is a beautiful Sheltie.

  2. Linda

    How delictable is Cosmo!! I too love the tri’s and bi’s. I have a tri Collie and a bi Sheltie. They always stop traffic!

  3. Ruth Shoenthal

    I love tri’s and Cosmo may be the most handsome, sweet Sheltie I’ve ever seen. I blew the photo up to see his face better — his eyes, of such soulful eyes. I’ve had sables and blue merles. My next Sheltie has got to be a tri. Lucky you to have such a delicious boy.


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