In June 2009 my sweet BuddyBear passed and little Gracie and I went through some very tough times that followed.

One year later, here is GracieBelle visiting Buddy’s memorial brick at the Colorado State University Vet Teaching Hospital’s Tribute Garden. After a rousing game of Frisbee, she dropped it right beside Buddy’s brick and looked up at me with her trademark smile.

What a sweet face & touching moment Leesa!

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  1. Melanie

    What a sweetheart. I’m so glad you had your camera at the ready to capture her touching tribute to her old pal. That memorial walkway is such a good idea. I wish I had a place like that to go to remember my beloved Aussie.

  2. kathleen dolman

    so sorry for the loss of your sheltie…i know the pain very well ( it is 6 months and i as broken hearted as the day my soul was ripped from my body) I just pray we see them again in Heaven

  3. Maida Farrar

    This really touched my heart. I don’t know what to say to express how it makes me feel. God bless you, your sweet BuddyBear and GracieBelle.

  4. Sandra

    How touching and wonderful! We lost our sweet Lucky this past October and our sweet Sandy a year ago this past March. They were both loved dearly and missing them all the time.
    We now have Cody, 9 months old Sunday, what a handful, but a sheltie is a sheltie is a sheltie, and only us sheltie owners understand that!
    God bless you!

  5. Nancy

    There is no love better than “Sheltie Love”. The sweetness is always just a nuzzle away. They “know”more than we think. And they “know” us. Such a sweet tribute!

  6. Denise

    The bond you all shared lives on more than you sometimes realize. There are always opportunities for new memories to be made. Try to take comfort in this!
    PS – what a cutie!

  7. Patti

    What a heart-touching moment! My Tanzey had the same frisbee (she is now our Angel) and it was her favorite toy. Very sweet, and I know about the “tough times” that follow them leaving us…

  8. Karen

    May your fond memories continue to live on. Such a beautiful sweet picture that speaks volumes. Thank you for the smile and tears that I have on my face. Big hugs …

  9. Janell

    What a beautiful and touching tribute to your BuddyBear, by you and your GracieBelle. Dogs are the best; the best friends, comforters and healers and so much more.

  10. Paige Thomas

    So precious. What a beautiful dog. . know you both miss Buddy, and wonderful that you share it and yes, Shelties always understand.

    I have a Buddy -Boo, aka Boo Bear, aka Boo Dwa etc etc. How silly we are giving them terms of endearment:)

  11. P. Snyder

    Some would think it’s coincidence that she just happened to drop that frisbie right next to Buddy’s stone, but I’ve seen this sort of thing time & again, so I can’t say that. We could all live through 5 life times & never understand how they ‘know’, but somehow they always do. Shelties have something extra inside that lets them do it. How lucky we are to not only have great companions, but incredibly smart ones too.

  12. Ruth Shoenthal

    This just blew me away. I can’t see thru the tears. R.I.P. BuddyBear. Give Gracie a big hug for me.

  13. gloria

    How sweet. You only have to know a sheltie to understand what they are capable of. My senior sheltie Billy is very ill and I think I will have to go through the trauma of his loss soon. My heart is breaking. I just lost my mother a year ago and Billy comforted her. He never left her side as she passed away over a weekend. I know she will be there for him. Thanks for sharing your story and reinforcing why shelties are one of the best breeds anyone could own.

  14. Francine

    What a sweet angel ! BuddyBear hears her heart. God Bless and many more frisbee days! Francine

  15. ml




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