I promise to drive my human less crazy this winter by burning off all my extra energy!

Kyle, you set a good example for us all!

:) Maribel

10 Responses to “Sheltie New Year’s resolution”

  1. Maribel Lopez


    I’m Kyle’s mom. Kyle actually enjoys the treadmill, he will step on it and start scratching the mat until I turn it on. He usually stays on it for about 15 minutes. And the cat DOES mess with Kyle!!! When we first started I introduced him to the noise, then we did some shaping in which he was given treats for stepping in the treadmill. The first time he was on it while moving he was on a leash, with low speed and plenty of treats for staying on it. I never restricted him, if he wanted to jump out, he was allowed to. Remember, it has to be a fun thing. Once he was comfortable with the movement, the leash was removed. Again, plenty of treats for staying on it. Now all I have to say is lets go exercise and he just runs and stands on it. It took me like 1 week. He is the second sheltie I trained to run on the TM. My other sheltie who is shy and fearful actually took to the TM within days! Just don’t force it, and do it slow. Remember, it has to be fun first! Here is my other sheltie, Hailey doing her thing : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-zApuDgsN8

  2. Kate Colbert

    Does Kyle actually like this, or does he just tolerate it? We’ve got a pup who is recovering from a broken leg and he’s about to start using a special underwater treadmill at the rehab center. Should be interesting to watch!

  3. Ann

    Cool!!!! Yes, I would like to know how he was coaxed on there and how often he works out…LOL…

  4. kpjhughes

    CUTEST EVER!! I’ve wanted to get a TM forever now, but I’ve been worried that the noise of the motor would be too scary. How did you coax Kyle on there (especially without a lead)?

  5. Robin Hall

    My Cosmo loves the TM too, we play a little game where I hold my hand down at the front of the TM then tell him to touch and he has to speed up to get up and touch my hand with his nose. The TM is a god sent on those days when its just not possible to get outside for a walk and he’s driving me crazy, 15 min on the TM usually get him off my back for a couple of hours anyway’s.

  6. Nikki

    Way to go! It would be great if we could sign our Charlie up for that program. He’d prefer to do his rainy day walks without leaving the house!


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