7 Responses to “THIS JUST IN: Snowy Muzzle!”

  1. Terri

    Beautiful picture. I especially love seeing all of the pictures of shelties in the snow. It’s maybe the only perk of winter! lol Really though, there’s something about seeing them in all that white powder…wow!

    Wouldn’t it be fun to somehow come up with Christmas card packages of all our sheltie submissions…and sell them here/online…and the proceeds could go to sheltie rescues across the nation ;-). Just my mind waking up this morning!

    Loved the photo!

    • Cindy

      I never get tired of seeing shelties, period.
      Guess this is a good place for those of us obsessed with our favorite dog!

      • Rapha's mom

        I love looking at shelties too. It’s the same feeling I get when looking at a beautiful sunset.


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