4 Responses to “Why does making the bed always turn into Sheltie playtime?”

  1. Paige Thomas

    Why do our Sheltie pups look so angry when they play??? This could be Timmy and Buddy. . .any other 2 dogs and I would think they were fighting:) JUST SO MUCH LOVE AND FUN!

    • Terry Niederlander

      I worry about that, there seems to be a fine line sometimes between playing and fighting, especially when growling is involved. The other day, Riley and Shelby both had a hold of the same frisbee, and neither one would let go. They went around in circles in the front yard, the frisbee in their teeth, growling at each other. (They have learned not to bark when having a tug-of-war, because they lose their grip if they bark.) They comepletely ignored my commands to “Drop it”. Shelby, being more obedient, finally let go.


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