15 Responses to “Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: cheap toys!”

  1. Noel

    Peanut is soooo cute! I can tell she has a wonderful spirit! Just adorable! I am glad you found her to keep Zoe company. This is a cool website! I am bookmarking it so I can come back and check things out!

    All my love!
    Zoe’s first mommie

  2. Tif (aka littlesureshot07)

    I had no idea this was here! That was before I even knew about this cool site! Thank you for sharing it with everyone! My little stinker!

  3. Sue

    The preferred “found object” in our house is a milk carton. Other toys come and go, but there has to be a milk carton.

  4. Lynn Thibodeau

    Wish you could all see my sheltyz faces listening to this little guy bark at the roll! I NEED another puppy!

  5. P.Snyder

    What a cutie! Things like this are what great memories are made of. Isn’t it funny how we, as devoted & loving moms & pops, spend a fortune at the pet supply on toys & the ones that are most entertaining, least expensive & played with most aren’t though of as a pet toy. My first Sheltie (now a Sheltie Angel) loved playing with a piece of old rope, about 36″ long, with knots at each end & in the middle. He’d drag it all over the house for hours & an added bonus was that it also gave the cat something to play with. They both enthusiastically got into the game & got their exercise.

  6. Paige Thomas

    Will cure any bad day! Love it:)
    Mine loves an empty soft drink bottle to chew on too! Was his favorite:)

    • Jaynie

      My border collie and my tiny 12-pound sheltie both LOVED the big 2-liter bottles that soda comes in. It was so funny to see this itty bitty dog (age three) and a regular-size puppy (age 10 weeks) – they were both the same size – fighting over one of their bottles. I was constantly being called in to mediate when the yelping got too loud. (Though I usually had better luck at just letting them and the cat work things out among themselves. Most tussles between the dogs were ended abruptly when the cat – a very large Siamese – got tired of the noise and swatted them both.)

  7. Linda

    What a sweetheart. You just can’t have a bad day when it starts off with a cutie like that. Thanks for making my Friday.

  8. Pamela Noelle

    They sure do love the toilet roll and paper towel inserts. Mine played for hours when they were babies, and one in particular, at age six plus, will steal them from bin in the toilet to hoard and play with to this day. Avery cheap and entertaining toy :-))

    • Kate Colbert

      I’ve had five shelties, and the first two were thiefs of all things made from paper (tissue tubes, the tissues themselves, receipts, money!). My husband has a theory that I gave them a “taste for paper” when they were puppies by letting them play with the tubes. He might be right because shelties number 3, 4 and 5 have not been allowed to chew on paper products ever and they don’t show any interest in the thievery. But still, it’s darned cute. And this little puppy is so darned chubby-adorable!


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