Miah likes to lay down behind Grandma’s chair regardless if there is any room or not!

Love the ‘yea, so what’ look, too Jim!  :)

8 Responses to “I will MAKE room!”

  1. Cindy Biddinger

    Very Pretty… I just got a sheltie puppy on January 9th……. she is a little over 3 months old now. What a joy………… but boy oh boy do those teeth hurt.

    • Constance Scott

      Must be a Sheltie thing!. Ive had 3 Shelties and they all do that. Will, my male Sheltie I have now will even get in between my feet and where I am sitting, or push my feet apart and sit there. Then he gets this look like, YAH, this is where i belong. Your Sheltie has the same look. Hs beautifull.

  2. Maida Farrar

    Many of my sweet Shelties have found a safe place like this, hiding under a washstand or other “found place” but my precious Angie Love (who will be 16 March 24th), really has taken the cake! She has managed to squeeze in between table legs and chairs and then can’t get up without help! Sometimes we wonder, how on earth did she even do this? These little sweethearts are just amazing in so many ways.

  3. Debbie Gilbert

    I think dogs believe that tables and chairs are “caves” that were put there especially for them, and that the rungs on a wooden chair are custom-made chin rests.

    • Liisa

      Yes! My Dengar has decided under the kitchen table is his cave. We had to move his bed under there, even.

  4. Michelle

    Miah reminds me of my childhood sheltie Coral, who cross the rainbow bridge a couple of years ago. She would squeeze herself between the wall and the sofa, or underneath the house stairs. Once she hid underneath one of those pull out beds and we thought she had run away or gotten lost. We were so happy to find her sleeping in there mean while she didn’t understand were was all the loving and hugs coming from.


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