I had been out of town for about four days.  When I got home, I snuck a picture of Killian sleeping on top of my shoes.  Think he is trying to tell me to stay put for a while?!?

You are so right Andrea, they are just tooooo sweet!

8 Responses to “I’m so glad you’re back!”

  1. Addie

    Oh my gosh, your dog looks JUST like mine!! I just discovered this site, because I never was sure my dog was a sheltie mix, but now that she’s 2 years old, I’m positive and this site has really helped prove it! But wow. That’s crazy the similarity! Will have to post a pic of my “Nessie” soon!

  2. Linda

    Beautiful dog , but how do you sneak a picture. Mine would be up and moving around as soon as they heard me.

  3. Constance Scott

    When I have to leave, I will leave my robe or a shirt on the sofa or the bed so he can lay on it. They really miss us when we leave. I miss him too. Really sweet photo with the shoes…

  4. Mary

    Mine does that, and we figure it’s so you can’t leave without them knowing about it. They have what you need to go. He sleeps in front of the door too.


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