I am a quilter and often lay my works in progress on the family room floor to check them out/reassess. Leland invariable comes over to lay on them. When it’s a bed-size quilt, you might not think it’s intentional, but you sure can tell with this small piece that he meant it!

Oh the Sheltie guilt comes in many forms, right Sue? :)

8 Responses to “Quilt Guilt!”

  1. Michelle

    My baby Molly is the same way. We live in a one bedroom completely carpeted apartment and still if a blanket falls from the sofa, or there is the smallest piece of it touching the floor, she will lay on it. She thinks it is so much more comfy when there is a blanket or comforter to lay on.

  2. Rapha's Mom

    I have no doubt that it’s intentional…..mine does the same thing to whatever happens to be capturing my attention.

  3. Jessica

    Hehehe, shelties just know how to be cute. They can get away with naughty things just because they use their sheltie character and cuteness as they do it. :-)

  4. Leslie

    I hear ya- same story at my house! I put a wooden screen door on my sewing room so that my boys could lay outside (right against the door of course) and still see me, but I can keep most of the flying fur from coming in, especially during shedding season, which never seems to stop, does it? Just tell people your quilts come “sheltie approved”!


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