14 Responses to “The girl’s got skills!”

  1. Judy

    My boys think Eva is quite beautiful and are smitten. As am I. What a gorgeous girl and so well loved. Wonderful blog and wonderful photos.

  2. Rosalind

    The link to Eva’s blog is sheltiebeauties.blogspot.com.

    Thanks for all your kinds words.
    She is indeed well – loved in our family.

  3. Rapha's Mom

    Adorable! My sheltie has never been a retreiver of balls, but much prefers catching frisbees instead.

  4. Ruth Shoenthal

    Roslyn —
    My computer wouldn’t get me to her blog so please write out the exact wording to get to Eva’s blog. She’s so cute and talented!

  5. Ann Decoste

    I don’t know Eva , but by looks of things she is well taken care of and her beauty well shows it.

  6. Caren Gittleman

    So wonderful to see Eva featured on Sheltie Nation!!!

    To those not familiar with her blog (see link above) if you are a Sheltie lover you MUST follow this blog…

    The photos are a unique combo of fun, beauty and soul….more importantly the blog is full of LOVE!!!!

    So happy to see Eva being featured!


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