11 Responses to “Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: Fur-Halo!”

  1. Linda

    What a beautiful way to start a morning. She is adorable. I just want to give her a big hug.

  2. Michele Parton-Parker

    Content & well loved. Pyper is a beauty on the inside too. What a “cupcake”.

    Aunt Michele :-)
    (who reset her ears today!)

  3. Becky

    My little girl, Lady, looked like that when she was a baby. She’s more beautiful now that she’s 14 years old.

  4. paulamn

    Future fur to shed….looks like static electricity. Nothing like a cuddly baby sheltie…

  5. Karen, Sitka's Mom

    All puppies are cute but Shelties are adorable! Pyper is the sweetest,,


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