Can you tell Beckett is going to be an agility star?

At 20 months old he has already started competing in agility.   He got two qualifying scores from the three runs he was entered in!  Surprised?  Not! :))

A hard workin’ boy Helen & Lisa!

4 Responses to “Pull! [Tennis ball shoots thru air]”

  1. Linda

    What a beautiful dog. I have always wanted a bi-black. You are so lucky to have found 3 of them.

  2. Helen Stewart

    Beckett is my third bi-black. I had never heard of that color Sheltie until I happened to find my first one, a male that I called Gryffon. But from that moment I was just so taken with them that I have to seek them out. They are not a common color but they are just so striking.


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