Annie: I love my big brother Bruiser because he is nice and kind and doesn’t treat me like I’m little…very much.

:) Karen

13 Responses to “Why I Love My Big Brother”

  1. Jaynie

    Oh no! Somebody washed the one on the left in HOT WATER! (You know how Shetland wool will shrink.)

  2. Simone

    they are gorgeous!! reminds me of my 2, 1 older than the other and the younger one always looks up to his big brother. so sweet:)

  3. Maida Farrar

    Aren’t they beautiful! And SWEET. Why would you name a Sheltie “Bruiser”? In our home, we have precious Angie Love who is the older one and sweet Christopher who is just over 2 now and they really love each other. She is much smaller than him and has arthritis but Christopher is terribly sweet and gentle with her. They even give each other kisses and he will go find her and lie down beside her when she is tired. I sure think Shelties are the sweetest dogs in the world.

    • Liisa

      My Dengar DOES have a sibling but they never sit still long enough to get a picture like this! Lol. Very cute indeed!!


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