Crystal loves the cats, but thinks Sophie may be going a bit far!

But both ends of Shelties ARE snugly Gail!  LOL

8 Responses to “Hide n’ Cheek”

  1. Danny's mommy

    Crystal has hit the jackpot being rescued by you. I think she better be nice to kitty because it looks much bigger than her! LOL. My Danny sends kisses he was a mill dog too.

  2. Gail Konopacki

    Crystal is a joy. She was a mill dog for approx 7 years and we’re spoiling her rotten to make up for those years. A real joy for us to see how she has progressed. Thanks for all the compliments! Thanks for posting SheltieNation…absolutely love your site!

  3. jgs

    Crystal has an extraordinary expression in this picture – she is beautiful . But I can’t help wondering if those lovely, perked up ears indicate that Crystal is thinking, ” OK, Sophie, just where do you THINK you are going ????? “

  4. Auntie Linda Kotapish (SSR)

    Excited here at Sheltie Shack Rescue of Kansas. Crystal, her Mom & Dad as well as sheltie fursiblings Maia and Luci (all three SSR Alum) are coming to stay with us at the SHACK over the holiday weekend. Who needs fireworks with a treat like this. Can’t wait to see you all !!!!

  5. Bobbie

    I can’t see the cat’s face, but that Sheltie face is about the CUTEST I’ve ever seen! LOVE those stand-up ears!


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