Charlie Murphy looks like he is really curious about the water…but not THAT curious!

;) Joanne

14 Responses to “Streeeeeeeeeeeeetch”

  1. Judy

    Charlie Murphy is so cute & funny. I’ve had one of each. One of my boys used to run back & forth as the waves came in playing “bite the water”. The other would high-tail it to higher ground as soon as it touched his paws.

  2. Otter

    That’s too cute! How old is he? What a pretty puppy! All my shelties hated water… didn’t care for baths or swimming, and were quite prissy about avoiding mud puddles (which made me happy!)

  3. Leslie

    First of all- Charlie Murphy is an awesome name and he is a handsome lad. Love the pose! My boys go to the water’s edge and yell at the waves.

  4. joanna

    Lucy always lays like that–I think it’s to get maximum exposure to the coolness of the floor.

  5. Shelley

    LOL…I have 1 of each…1 that watches the water & avoids puddles,,,,and the other that runs in & tries to catch the surf…..great pic!!!

  6. jgs

    “what is that ? a big bath tub ? ” charlie’s first thought about the body of water in front of him !!! he looks like a soldier crawling to get a better look – he is too cute !! love it when my sheltie stretches like that too !

  7. Joanne

    I always wondered what would happen if I took my Simon to the beach. I have a feeling he would have a similar reaction! Anyhow, that Charlie Murphy is one handsome boy! :)

  8. Bobbie

    OMG, that cracks me up!!!!! I’m sure the wet, cool sand feels good on the belly, though.

  9. Michelle

    Just like my Molly… she thinks she might be interested in the water until she gets her paws wet, then she remembers that she is not that big of a fan! LOL

    Shelties are so cute!


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