Shelby was a rescue a few years back but we believe that she rescued us, not the other way around.
We were out doing some yard work recently and she decided to go for a ride.
Aren’t rescue Shelties wonderful Tari?

8 Responses to “Won’t you take me for a ride?”

  1. Sharon

    Just adorable. Rescue dogs are so very grateful. Your patience is truly rewarded. Thanks to all who rescue. It really does work both ways.

  2. Danny's mommy

    My Danny Boy was a puppy mill rescue and we just love him and he really loves us. Wherever we go he goes. He really blossomed when we got him and his true sheltie personality shines now. We have decided that from now on we will rescue our family fur baby. Shelby will be forever grateful for her being rescued by you. But we find out we are the lucky ones!

  3. Sue

    My rescue, Sparky, was also wonderful. Dropped off at the SPCA when he was 8, sheltie rescue pulled him out on his first day there. He, too, had tons of baggage, but retired in style in our home. Can’t say enough good things about rescues!

  4. Ruth Shoenthal

    First I adopted 2 sheltie sisters; then I adopted 2 sheltie half-brothers. My boys are now velcro-dogs and I’m a klutz. I live in a studio apt. and I frequently trip over them — in fact, last time I landed in their bed. Now I know why the enjoy it so much. Very soft and cozy — the bed and the boys. 2 paws up to all who adopt these wonderful 4 legged soul mates.

  5. P.Snyder

    They certainly are wonderful. My rescued little girl was a puppy mill dog, lots & lots of baggage came in the door with her 2 1/2 years ago but she’s managed to overcome most of it. Like my 2 Sheltie Angels she figured out I can’t hear & has become a great alert dog which includes her insisting that me & all the rest of our pets hide with her when the tornado here in Joplin was on the ground. We were about 2 miles from it, had minor damage, but she knew we needed to be somewhere safe during that. Somehow ‘wonderful’ falls a bit short for that level of taking care of her people.

    • gloria

      OMG, what a wonderful sheltie… you saved her life and she feels responsible for yours now… how heartwarming…

    • donna woods

      such wonderful stories! shelties are very protective and loyal. i was feeling a little weary this morning. she just laid down beside me and knew not to bother waking me up until i felt ready. i never encountered a dog like a sheltie before. i love mine.

  6. gloria

    I have rescued 3 shelties so far in my life time and I totally agree with you… they rescue us! The level of devotion and love they give just warms my heart. The seem to appreciate everything you do for them as if to say…” I know things might not have turned out as well if you had not adopted me… thanks for giving mr a chance.” Their sole goal in life is to please us. Thanks for to you for the rescue of Shelby…


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