9 Responses to “What do you expect when you get up?”

  1. Stephanie Vinson

    Oh yea, I’ve seen that look!!! I bet she gets her way with those eyes. How could you say no. Shelties make great family members.

  2. Linda K Hamilton

    I have seen this look also! Sweetness is the face of a sheltie…. Especially in your photographs! I enjoy them all!

  3. Bobbie

    LOL! What a look! Is there any more expressive a face than a sheltie’s, though? Don’t think so.

  4. Tif (aka littlesureshot07)

    OOOOH! That looks like a little adolescent sheltie! They are soooo cute at that age! OR if that is full sized I am jealous! LOL! Mine are over sized! But LOVED all the more for it! !!!

    • Dawn

      She is only 7 months, but looking like she’s going to be very petite. Shelties are the best in any size!!

  5. Sullivan

    Boy, Dawn, are you ever getting the stink eye! What a beautiful furbaby you have.


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