Holly says: “Thank God I’m wearing this faaaaaaaaabulous coat!”

Wonderful action shot, Joan!

15 Responses to “Another Snow Day Activity”

  1. Judy

    Wonderful action shot of Sheltie “big fun”. Holly is beautiful and sure knows how to have a good time. You can tell by the look on her pretty face that she’s having a blast. My boys love the snow as well. I think most Shelties do. I love it when they come in with a little pile of snow on their noses :)

  2. Lisa

    Great picture!! Looks like she was having a great time in the October snow. She is gorgeous and the action shot is stellar.

  3. jgs

    Holly looks amazing – beautiful fur coat blowing in the breeze as she slides down the snowy hillside – great picture ! Looks like she is truly enjoying herself ! You go, girl !!!

  4. Susan

    Great action shot! She looks like she’s having a blast. I can’t wait for snow here so I can romp with our three Shelties.

  5. Rapha's Mom

    It’s funny how they take to the cold. I know they have fur coats, but my dog lies on its bare belly on the freezing snow. I also wonder why they shed in July/August, just before winter.

  6. Lum (Shadow's mom)

    Ooooh! Holly is having a BLAST! It’s a wonderful day when snow falls, full of endless silliness! What a pretty girl she is too.


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