Kebo went to Bar Harbor & Peaks Island, Maine on vacation.  It was a warm day and he found a cool spot…right on top of a huge pile of seaweed…yuck!

Well it was refreshing, Kim!  :)

9 Responses to “Seaweed Sheltie”

  1. Susan

    Shelties are like kids. They find the dirtiest spot to plop down. Mine love running through the muddy part of the yard after it rains. What can you do? LOL

  2. Dianne

    He is so pretty, and obviously loves nestling in the seawead, lookin around at all he can see taking it all in!

  3. Lum (Shadow's mom)

    That’s a great shot of a beautiful, happy pup. Many happy days for you together!

  4. kathleen

    reminds me of our vacations in Maine and our now passed on sheltie Sandy-girl on the shoreline with all that seaweed…wonderful memories , beautiful Sheltie you have, how I miss my most precious friend…..


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