Victoria did you go behind mommy’s back and take Autumn’s tug toy out of the agility bag and chew it up?


“OK, maybe.”What a face, Lisa!

7 Responses to “Remember Santa’s Watching!”

  1. Sullivan

    What a stunning little beauty, such an innocent?? / guilty face. That is one that will never be able to lie to you, you read it all in her eyes. Watch out boys, Victoria is on the loose! She is going to make a striking adult. Merry Christmas Victoria, Lisa and all of Sheltie Nation.

  2. Danny's mommy

    That’s okay Victioria. Santa will bring you and Autumn as many tug toys as you want. You are just too cute and I am sure you are a good girl always.
    Well almost always.

  3. Cindy

    Santa loves & forgives all his little Shelties. Especially pretty ones like Victoria. May Santa bring you your own tug toy :)

  4. Lum (Shadow's mom)

    And she will be forgiven, absolutely, 100%!
    What a lovely little creature she is!


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