Lizzie thinks looking out the window and being comfortable at the same time is of utmost importance :-)

But of course, Karen!

7 Responses to “Comfy Couch Straddler”

  1. Danny's mommy

    Keeping her sheep safe from the comfort of her home. Looks like she spotted something to keep an eye on. Everyone can sleep soundly knowing Lizzie is keeping watch.

    • karen

      hahahaha! That probably is how it is done in the 21st century -herding from the living room :-) She is very inquisitive, and also very smart!!! I’m not sure about the sleeping soundly though, as she likes to announce to the world that she is in her yard when I let her out!!

  2. jAN hUNTER

    I can just tell that the beautiful Lizzie is “the ideal watchdog.” Thank you for sharing her with all of us!


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