Thanks in part to Sheltie Nation, I felt like getting a second Sheltie was a good idea!
Gibbs shows his new best friend 10 week old tri-Sheltie McGee, how to pay hide-n-seek.
Then it took Gibbs only one day to teach McGee to sit nicely for a treat!
We are soooo sorry Sheltie Nation is such enabler, Laura! ;)

29 Responses to “I can quit whenever I want!”

  1. Susan

    I just love your new tri puppy- really cute picture. I must say that I love the name choices and that is our favorite show- I have picked out a name from that show for our next one.

  2. Laura

    Not only are they both two adorable for words!; as a fellow NCIS watcher, I love the names!

  3. Aus sheltie mum

    Beyond gorgeous. Cute as a button both of them!
    Congrats on getting your second sheltie. The best decision you’ll ever make:)

  4. Dianne

    Oh my gosh..Too cute for words….Gibbs and Mckee are adorable..It sure doesn,t take Sheltie pups very long to learn…and especially when they know they are goin to get something YUMMY ! ahah
    Me tinks Gibbs is gonna be one great papa…lol

  5. Sue

    Oh MY!! I love both photos, but that second one spoke to my heart. What a familiar sight! My husband and I have two shelties, and we have often said that we would never have just one dog again. Our two pups (8 and 9 years old now!) are inseparable, and I’m sure Gibbs and McGee will be best of friends for many years to come!

  6. corby and laurinda

    may we make a suggestion? you really need a third sheltie (we have 3!), and you could name her abby! she would be a bi-black and have a very feisty personality!

  7. Sheila

    So Cute…I love the names and you gave yourself more name room too, DiNozo is next:-?
    Shelties seem to do so much better with a Dog Buddy and what better buddy then another Sheltie. Our girl Serena was at the Vet getting her teeth cleaned last week, Rocs reaction was totally not what I expected. I thought he would be on my heels all day and never out of sight, instead he spent most of the day laying around or watching out the window. So when I picked her up I took him with, it was all about them:-)

  8. Danny's mommy

    They look adorable together! Such a handsome puppy. Gibbs is being a good big brother. Bet they are fun to watch.

  9. jAN hUNTER

    Oh my–what beauties you have. Two shelties ARE better than one. I think that is why most of us have at least two at a time. Both Gibbs and MC Gee are so adorable, I wish I could hug them both! Thanks for sharing !!!

        • gloria

          Yep, I have three boys. Shelties get along so well with each other. My sister brings her tiny rescue female to my house for day care… she LOVES to vist the boys and they love to play with her too! Gibbs and McGee will enjoy each others company for years to come!

    • KC

      I’ve heard that saying before too ~ except it was peanuts, not potato chips. That’s why I named my second Sheltie “Peanut”!

  10. leslie

    Hope your next sheltie is a DiNozzo, a Ziva, an Abby or a Ducky! (Such sweet babies you have, by the way!)

  11. R Hall

    So Cute, and Don’t worry they only teach each other the best behaviours, yea right… LOL

  12. Lum (Shadow's mom)

    I gotta say, sometimes SheltieNation tempts me too! Gibbs is a very kind boy to share the spotlight with the new kid, but then again, who could resist taking McGee under a wing? You’ll be having tons of fun now, Laura! Keep the pictures coming!

  13. Cliff

    “Then it took Gibbs only one day to teach McGee to sit nicely for a treat!”

    this had me laughing, so true (our first dog also taught the second some tricks)

    very cute Shelties you have there and I am sure they will bring you many years of love

  14. gloria

    Be still my heart! Precious, precious, precious…
    Those are the sweetest two faces ever!
    You must have a smile on your face all day looking into those eyes!
    Enjoy… from one sheltie lover to another….

  15. Pat Monday

    Cute. I mean, really cute. Makes me think we need a second sheltie too.


  16. Sullivan

    Laura, this is the aw-w-w-w-w-w factor times two. These are two beautiful faces and I for one, am jealous! Lots of hugs and kisses all around!


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