Cathy drove 13 hours from Tucson to Salt Lake City to get little Bailey.

She is thriving and loving her new forever home… and her new boyfriend, Calvin! :)

Hugs to you Cathy for adopting a Sheltie!

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  1. Cathy, Calvin&Bailey's mom

    Thanks for all the well wishes, everyone! Bailey was so deconditioned when we got her, she bonded almost instantly. After 2 visits to my vet, we got her on the right track now. She runs in the yard, can jump up on the sofa, a major accomplishment, and is building muscle mass in her hind legs which was absent when we got her. She is an excellent guard dog, loves rides in the car and visiting friends who have dogs. We love our Bailey-Girl!

  2. Dale

    Thanks Cathy for going to great lengths to adopt beautiful Bailey. It looks like Calvin is happy too! Until shelters are no longer needed, all of us appreciate your kindness and compassion.

    Every Sheltie lover is an instant friend in my book!

  3. Barb Miller

    Sweet!!! Looks like they will be great mates! Bailey is very lucky to be adopted into your family … congrats to all!

  4. Sharon

    Awwww, it’s puppy love for sure! Lucky Bailey that you made such an effort to pick her up. The Utah rescue seems to be a good one with a very caring lady running it.

    Congrats on a beautiful girl and a happy family!

  5. leslie

    I’d go that far for a beautiful baby like Bailey! She is well worth it, and I hope you all live happily ever after!

  6. Susan

    13 hours? You deserve a hug!! Congrats on providing little Bailey with a forever home and a new furry buddy. We adopted two of ours from local Sheltie rescues and couldn’t be happier.

  7. Danny's mommy

    Looks like love at first sight. The drive was well worth it. She is simply adorable.

  8. Sullivan

    Just look at the dog love in those 2 sets of beautiful little eyes. Congrats on adopting a rescue, we know little Bailey will be appreciative for the rest of her life . . . nice part is, because of yours’ and Calvins’ love she will soon forget any bad that has ever happened to her. Puppy hugs and sheltie kisses all around.

  9. Jackie

    I’d like to adopt them too, but I’m from Brazil… I’m a shetie lover, congrats to have this opportunity! You’re blessed, and have a golden heart!

  10. jAN hUNTER

    This is one of the sweetest pictures ever! I love Little Bailey and Calvin and they love having each other. Thanks for adopting Bailey. You have two beautiful, wonderful shelties. Enjoy!!

  11. Jo

    What a lovely image, they look like fast friends. I’d also like to thank you for giving a rescue sheltie a happy home, rescues rule! We love our 2 rescues.

    Calvin & Bailey, here’s hoping you enjoy long happy lives together in your home, and lots of long walks in the park!

  12. Gary Stamm

    God bless you Cathy!! That is such a fantastic thing to do! May the Lord bless you for your kindness!!

  13. Joy

    I wonder who will make whom happier? Congratulations on your new baby! They’re both so sweet!

  14. Bobbie

    Oh so happy! I wonder if she was adopted from Sheltie Rescue of Utah? That’s where my two sheltie boys came from.

  15. Nancy Morgan

    This is the sweetest picture ever! I’ll bet she will be the best little dog. I am so happy that you drove all that way to get her. That was quite a trip! Congratulations on getting your new sheltie, Bailey.

  16. Lum (Shadow's mom)

    Words fail me. Cathy, it looks like you have set up a little piece of heaven for all concerned! Enjoy …

  17. Dianne

    Oh my gosh! my AHHHH moment for tonight..Thanks for sharing with all us Sheltie lovers Priceless!


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