Juke came into Second Chance Sheltie Rescue a year ago from a hoarding situation and he was my foster dog.  Only ONE person was interested in him in the 8 months he was in rescue! I think people were put off by his eye, but you wouldn’t even know he has anything wrong with it.  (Juke has one brown and one blue eye. However, his blue eye can’t really be seen due to a birth defect and he’s partially blind in that eye.) He gets around just fine.  

He has the cutest, sweetest, friendliest personality and I couldn’t resist him. I finally had to adopt him in Oct. 2011. He’s now the perfect Sheltie ambassador for our rescue events and greets everyone with a kiss!
We can see why you couldn’t resist him Angela. Hugs to you for giving him a forever home!

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  1. Rhonda

    My dog could use hand signals to communicate she was smart too. We even did things spiritually. Love your pets cause no one out there can replace what you have now. We only have a few years with them and then we are too old or have to go to places where they don’t allow animals or the price to keep them keeps going up. Makes me cry.

  2. Betti

    I love your story,Juke is a very pretty dog also very lucky to have the home he got.I own a miniature sheltie his name is Cooper and I love him very much he’s my buddy.

  3. Sharon

    Juke is striking looking, and his face just radiates sweetness and joy. Lucky you to have kept him, and lucky him too. These happy ending stories are just what I need to see these days. I hope you and Juke have many, many wonderfully happy days together.

  4. jack (chewys') dad

    what a beautiful Sheltie! You are so lucky ! It soothes my soul to read all the stories about those darling little dogs. My 2 Shelties are doing great now. I have Chewy on thyroad pills and he has lost 25% of the amout of weight when I got him. there is no task that is too difficult for my beloved Shelties!

  5. Robin

    I adopted my Laddie from sheltie rescue – he also has only one eye (his left). He is such a sweet, handsome sheltie man! He has NO trouble at all jumping on the chair or the bed – sometimes it’s hard to believe that he just has the one eye. He was in rescue for a at least a month, and in a kennel because their foster homes were full. It was love at first sight. He as meant to be with us, just as your beautiful boy was meant to be with you. May you both have many love-filled years together!!

  6. Ann

    Oh, Juke is such a beautiful dog. It’s beyond me when anyone would not want him. I had 3 dogs and took on a 4th ( a sheltie) that the owners no longer wanted. Can’t turn down a beautiful sheltie. She was overweight and now has a great life and getting plenty of exercise, running back and forth in my yard. God bless you for adopting Juke and giving him love and a life!

  7. Susan

    Juke you are a beautiful Sheltie and I’m so happy to hear your foster mom adopted you!

  8. Linda Hallett

    My dear husband and I started a hobby breeding farm in 2002 we bought a rescue male from texas who when arriving was ill. 1,500 later he is fine now and on my site. In 2006 my husband suddenly passed away. No warning I came home and couldn’t get the door open he had fallen just inside the door all the dogs were around him. Jumping on him and crying. I gave CPR and the ambulance came but to no avail. I was in the pastors car when the called and said no need to go to hospital he has passed.
    So now the dogs and I had no way of keeping our home. I also had 3 horses. I didn’t want to give up my horses and would not give up my dogs. I searched Craigslist for some gentleman who might accept me and my animals. I was so blessed. We all moved to his 10 acre farm now known as Campsundown farm. Its beautiful and more room for shelties to play people call it Sheltie Heaven!! the horses were brought here too. I can still ride on the trails out here and they are wonderful. My wonderful new husband and I had a time adjusting as his wife of 50 ys had died of cancer 3 years ago. Mine passed in November and I moved to Campsundown in May of the next year.
    I love my animals and somehow God saw to it that I would be able to keep them all. Thank you God. linda

    • Rhonda

      Lucky for you to have taken a chance on Craig’s List to find another home. Me too lost my loving husband to Lou Gerhig’s Disease. Lost my home my Sheltie Border Collie, She was all that was left of my marriage. Black with a beautiful white under chin and belly. Had to give her up among other fine pets I owned. Still looking for a home for me and my 2 stray indoor cats, Pray I too can find something like you have soon. I am going on 60 in a couple years. He died 2000-2001

  9. Tif

    You were meant to be his forever home! I would have loved to have him…he is beautiful! I have two shelties right now…they are the loves of my life! We’ve wanted to adopt but we can’t fence in our yard the way that is required….our neighbors wouldn’t be able to access their backyard. SO…I’m glad there are people like you and all the others that can adopt!

  10. Dianne

    Why anyone would not have adopted Juke is beyond me! I think he is beautiful, and being blind in one eye I can bet he makes up for it in many many ways..My Shepherd Bleau was totally deaf and noone wanted him.I adopted him from the SPCA,and he was the most loving, smart and awesome dog.He learned everything from hand signals,and smart as a whip.Sadly we lost him three years ago to Cancer.Now we have our little Sheltie Kelly, and would be lost without her by my side….LOL

  11. Bobbie

    Juke has some of the most stunning markings I’ve ever seen and the personality to match! I’m so very happy you have each other :)

  12. Ruth Shoenthal

    I adopted a sheltie who only had one eye. It’s really a big “so what.” Due to a lack of depth perception, the only thing she couldn’t do was to jump on or off the bed or couch. She was lovely, playful, sweet and a bit shy. She’s one of my sheltie angels now. Best to you Angela for all you do in helping shelties find forever homes.

  13. Deb

    Juke is beautiful and so glad he found his forever home. My Sheltie, Angie was rescued off the streets in an industrial area. She had been dumped and left to fend for herself. I was the fortunate recipient of this little girl. She too has one blue eye and one brown eye. Her eyes are fine and she sees clearly in both. She is so exotic looking. I never once thought of her as any way but a beautiful Angel, thus the name Angie! Thank you for sharing.

  14. Danny's mommy

    Juke has such beautiful markings and that big happy smile says it all. He was meant for you. He knew it from day one.

  15. Jo

    What a gorgeous sheltie! He has such a happy face, too. He’s a great ambassador for rescue. Thanks for giving him a forever home, and I pray all the shelties in rescue get to live in a loving forever home too.

  16. Joy

    Maybe no one took him because he was meant for you. He’s beautiful!! He’s where he should be.

  17. karen

    Juke is absolutely adorable!! Thank you for giving him his forever home, he looks very happy and content.

  18. Cliff


    bless you for adopting Juke, he looks so happy in the photo. We wish you many happy years.

    Sue and Cliff

  19. Lee ann McNeil

    I am glad he found you as a foster parent and than you adopt him He knew he was home when he meet you.

  20. Marylou

    Juke is beautiful-looks so friendly!! Glad he has a loving home!
    Sheltie’s are such beautiful dogs!!


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