As Shelties get older, they get CUTER!

Ginger (at 14 years young) looks like such a sweetie, Robin!

25 Responses to “Fun Fact About Shelties”

  1. Paula - Tony's mother

    I know this Ginger and she is the sweetest sheltie! She does have gorgeous eyes and loves her treats. I love you Ginger girl!

  2. Becky

    My Lady is 15 years old and more beautiful than ever. I call her my Dream Doggie. She just has trouble getting around, but still takes the stairs to bed at night by her own choice. I hope she breaks the record on longevity for Shelties. She can still create a stir when she gets her tail in a snit over a strange dog or person. Adrenaline seems to erase about 10 years.

  3. Patti

    Ginger is such a pretty lady! My Alick lived to 15 1/2 and he was a handsome, dignified senior Sheltie to his last day. One day I will let another Sheltie into my heart and home.

  4. Maida Farrar

    Everyone has said it so well. Ginger’s eyes are absolutely soulful, like my darlings too when they got up in years. God bless her and you. I sure wish both of you at least another 2 years, and then some. Shelties are such a treasure.

  5. Judy

    Your Ginger is so pretty and is well-cared for and well-loved. (As all Shelties deserve to be). I think it’s quite an honor to care for a senior dog. I used to call Tyler, my heart Sheltie, my “old puppy” and he got sweeter with age. I lost him at 16 and sure hope my two boys reach that age as well. Give Ginger extra cuddles & kisses from all of us at Sheltie Nation!

  6. Sharon

    Ginger has that contented happy look. I too, love the seniors. My Asta is ten and my Ally will be 10 in May. They are in good shape and spunky still. They are to be appreciated like fine, aged wine!

  7. Dianne

    What a beautiful girl Ginger is..Love her face and oh my..the sheltie eyes!!!

  8. Christine Seidler

    Ginger is a beauitful, beautiful girl. How could you not love that face? In my Sheltie household, we prefer the term ‘seasoned’ over ‘old’. Human included.

  9. Danny's mommy

    Ginger is sooo…precious. My Danny Boy is ten and his face is all white now. I love the gentle energy of seniors. Ginger doesn’t look 14 though. You must be taking really good care of her. What big beautiful eyes she has.

  10. Michele P.

    Lovely photo of a very lovely Sheltie. I love the soft look of our senior canines. What a perfect headline & Bobbie said it best!

  11. In Memory of TenBear (Sheltie)

    Best wishes to Ginger for a healthy future. By the time they get to that age, a Sheltie is an irreplaceable part of your soul. (You can also read each others minds.)

  12. jAN hUNTER

    Ginger is beautiful! I had no idea looking at her that she was an older sheltie. Her gorgeous eyes really grabbed my attention. Give her a kiss for me.

  13. Nancy Morgan

    Cutie little old girl! My 14 year old Sheltie was the sweetest ever. Her name was Katie. We give all our Shelties Irish names. Now I have a Clancy and a BEA. That was her name when we adopted her.

  14. gloria

    Little Ginger looks EXACTLY like my sisters female Jasmine that we rescued from Michigan Sheltie Rescue. She has the same gray face and a spunky little heart and soul. She just melts our heart. Ginger is one great name for this little pup… how cute she is… you just gotta LOVE them! Thanks for sharing… and yes, they are cuter the older they get! She looks so precious and sweet in her little dog bed.

  15. Marylou

    Your Ginger looks so young and she is really beautiful! Love that face!!!
    We lost our Ginger at 14 years old–she had same markings and had the
    white blaze -we will always miss her!! They are such loving dogs–they are
    family for sure!! Hugs to your beautiful Ginger!!!


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