12 Responses to “I don’t know if I can handle another day in paradise!”

  1. jAN hUNTER

    Thank you for sharing Ellie with us! She is a beauty. We live in North Carolina with two sheltie males. They have seen a tiny snow this year. I hope Ellie stays very happy and healthy. Shelties are wonderful!!

  2. Jennifer

    And yes, we are ready for Spring! 123 (yes I wrote that correctly!) inches and still snowing!

  3. Jennifer

    This is my baby girl! Sadly just after her first birthday she was diagnosed with Pemphigus Foliaceus. She is in remission right now but it took a long time to get her there. We have worked with some amazing vets in both North Carolina and Alaska. She loves this weather and the darkness of the winter here alleviates some worry about overexposure to sunlight. I love my shelties! Thanks for posting my picture!

    • karen

      Jennifer, Your dog is beautiful (shelties seem to make the snow even prettier!!) How serious is the Pemphigus? My Lizzie had a “pink inflamed ” area under her nose when she was 1-2 years old. My vet looked into Pemphigus (which it didn’t turn out to be ) the lab came back and said possible DM but it didn’t turn out to be that either, and at 7 there are no further signs. I hope your Ellie will be ok too, and that there is a way to prevent it from getting worse!

  4. Danny's mommy

    My Danny Boy loves snow. Ellie looks like she is liking it also. You may see big sheltie smile as she runs, jumps, rolls and plows through it. Like her frosted look.

  5. Dawn

    Oh she looks so pretty and happy to be frosted!! I wish we had some snow for my girls to enjoy. Not going to happen in So. Calif.

  6. Bill

    We haven’t had enough snow this year for my dogs to do this and they, like true Shelties, love the snow. Your dog is very pretty.
    Bill – Northwest Indiana

    • Sheila

      I was just thinking the same thing Bobbie…so I will just add “Sheltie Angel”

  7. jo

    Ellie’s enjoying that snow like a true Sheltie. What a pretty girl she is, all frosted with snow!

  8. Pat Monday

    No Spring yet! Matilda just got her first decent snow fall this week. I practically have to beg her to come inside!

    Ellie is a beauty!


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