Duncan is ready and waiting for that next morsel to fall.

Always an extra treat right, Beth? ;)

9 Responses to “Shameless Begging”

  1. Stephanie Hembree

    Duncan, Beth and her other “furkids” are friends of mine on facebook! He is a very handsome and photogenic Sheltie boy! We love him and his Mom!! Sheltie Nation rocks!


    Thank you so much Ricki! Duncan is my 3rd Sheltie (2 at the Bridge) and I have 2 other ones at home as well. I adore them all! Love Sheltie Nation!!!

  3. Ricki

    Duncan is a beautiful Sheltie. Who could resist that charming face when wanting treats? He has a wonderful & caring mom too! :)

  4. jAN hUNTER

    I LOVE Duncan’s lovely nose. He is a handsome boy and I am sure he is so sweet!!

  5. Bobbie

    Duncan and I are friends on FaceBook! He’s one special boy with a special mom :)


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