19 Responses to “Awwwe, her first puppy!”

  1. Shelby

    Perfect first pet!! I am on my third and I wouldn’t have any other breed!!! Love my Shelties. You have a beautiful one. Good Luck

  2. Danny's mommy

    I remember everything about my first puppy, a sheltie named Pal. I remember the cold winter day, the ride to the farm, the barn, the two old ladies and their very messy house, the cat who tried to leave with us.
    It seems just like yesterday. Beautiful picture.

  3. Judy

    These two are adorable together. Congratulations on your new puppy!! Mom, be sure to take lots of pictures. My son was 5 when we got Casey, our first Sheltie and when we look at Casey’s album, we see our sone grow up as well. They were the best of friends.

  4. Michelle Arthebise

    Sheltie love is addictive. Lucky little child. Take good care of your friend!

  5. Becky

    My first puppy was a miniature cocker spaniel, solid blue-black, named Sam. My grandmother had a Collie name, Duchess. I thought she was a horse because i was so small.

  6. Kerry

    I do remember my first puppy, a sheltie mix from the pound! There’s no other friendship like the one you have with a puppy who grows up right along with you.

  7. jack (chewys') dad

    what a beautiful pair of little darlings! it will be a tossup as to who gets the most out of their friendship!

  8. JaynieBeth

    Wish I had had my first Sheltie at that age (I was 30). But I did have a puppy at that age – a whole litter of fiest/brittany mixes that were the prettiest things I’ve ever seen! One became my special dog, Rascal.

  9. Sharon

    What a lovely photo of a joyful girl and her first puppy. I so well remember mine – a black mini poodle named Carla. I had wanted a German Shepherd dog so was kind of disappointed when my parents insisted on a poodle. But when I laid eyes on that little black fluff ball, I fell head over heels in love.

    I know these two will enjoy so many happy years together.

  10. jAN hUNTER

    This precious little girl and her sheltie make an awesome picture! I hope they have wonderful years together. WARNING: having a sheltie can become addictive. My first made an addict out of me–for the last 40 years!!

  11. Dianne

    Awww ! Her first little puppy! They are going to have many years full of friendship,love and lots of fun together.
    My first puppy was a Collie too named Laddie.

  12. Valerie

    Nothing better to start the day than with a heartwarming great picture of “A GIRL AND HER DOG”.

    • Sheri

      My husband still says that to me about our dog when I snuggle with her…and I’m 35!

      Gorgeous puppy and even better, one happy little girl. :)

  13. Terry

    They are so cute. She will be a Sheltie lover forever and ever but beware, they make you want more and more. How special this picture is.

  14. gloria

    Sweet, sweet, sweet!
    My fist puppy was a collie which I got around the same age. He was my friend, buddy and pal! I know these two will be fast friends for life!
    So much love in both their eyes…


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