Isn’t Bella beautiful?  Little 3 year old Bella is available for adoption at Sheltie Shack Rescue of Kansas.  She’s just a tiny, 15 lb. girl, but is ready to settle into a home environment and become a cherished family member!

She was rescued from a puppy mill where she lost one of her back feet. (She is missing her right rear foot just above the ankle.) Bella doesn’t even realize it’s gone and gets around splendidly. The rescue is hoping applicants look past her minor glitch and don’t hold the slight visual affect against her. It certainly doesn’t slow her down & we think she is a very pretty girl!

Bella is most comfortable with other dogs, so a home that already has another dog to hang out with would be ideal. She is still a bit shy with humans, but will let her foster mother pick her up with some encouragement.  She does still need work learning to walking on leash, but she is working on it.

Let us help Bella find the happy forever home she deserves! Contact Sheltie Shack Rescue via their website, or e-mail: [email protected]

14 Responses to “Bella: Kansas Sheltie Rescue”

  1. Aus sheltie mum

    Oh Bella, if only you were in Australia, I would adopt you in a heartbeat. Good luck beautiful girl x

  2. jack (chewys') dad

    I am sure some lucky person will have the warm company of Bella soon! I would take her in a heartbeat but I allready have Chewy and Repunzel and my wife thinks we have enough Shelties for now. God Speed!

  3. Tami Borneman

    I sent an email to the rescue stating that my husband and I are very interested in adotping Bella. I’ve not heard anything back yet.

  4. Nancy Dean

    Fell in love with Bella, she looks so much like our older Shelty Sam and would love to give her a home in Ohio, Please consider this, thanks Nancy

  5. JaynieBeth

    Oh, I would take her in a split second, no questions asked, if I were close enough! I adopted MY Bela (only one L) from Sheltie Rescue of Georgia last June, and she had blossomed. I know she would enjoy having a little sister! I hope somebody close by will be her forever home!

  6. Susan

    What a beautiful little girl you are Bella! I hope you find a new forever home soon!

  7. Leah Friend

    Hello, our family is interested in Bella. We have a few questions…we have a previous puppy mill sheltie whom we have trained and loved the last 6 years. He was saved through a raid in Missouri. We live in Kansas and have wondered about a friend for Taz our sheltie who loves being with people and other dogs like himself. Is Bella potty trained? Does she have trouble with stairs? Where is she located and what is the fee for her. Tina Conchola is a friend of ours and knows Taz and our family. She has had around 5 shelties she has adopted through rescue and we value her reference. She recommended your site.

    • Susan

      You really should contact the rescue directly. Kelly posts these to get the word out, not to be a go between. Good luck. I hope it works out for you guys!

  8. Danny's mommy

    Bella is such a little, sweet girl! Thank you Sheltie Shack for getting her. I am a big fan of Sheltie Shack. Hoping Bella finds her forever home soon.

  9. Dianne

    Bella Is beautiful..She deserves a good and loving home..I would take her in a heartbeat, and missing one foot will not be a problem.My Dad had a black Lab which went hunting and travelled with him on his roofing trips for many years,besides being a great and loving friend.Yes someone will be very lucky when they adopt this little girl ! LOL

  10. Bobbie

    Oh what a BEAUTIFUL girl! I have a puppy mill rescued sheltie and he’s wonderful. It’s been so rewarding and so much fun to see him embrace life outside of the mill–and he does so with 200% enthusiasm! I’m sure Bella will too :)

  11. Sandy

    Aww Bella looks like my Sophia, who is also rescued from a puppy mill. Find her a good home! I wish I could take her, she radiated love!


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