5 Responses to “I am a soccer ball Ninja!”

  1. Susan

    Cute, but we had a 12 lb Sheltie named Sassafras that was so quick she would block the ball with her front paw! Sadly, she’s gone, but our fond memories of her remain. Our other Shelties love to fetch the ball but none of them are nearly as fast on their four paws.

  2. Dianne

    Cute! Kelly,s favorit game is playing soccer, and will toss the ball back to you with her feet.We use the open bedroom door as the goal…Shelties are so very smart and a whole lot of fun,too!

  3. Liz

    Gizmo and I do the same thing, except he basically blocks the bathroom door while I try to kick the toy (and it’s his choice, sometimes a ball, sometimes a stuffed animal toy) past him. He LOVES playing the goalie! :)

    Good job, Coco!


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