Logan is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has a sutffed friend called “amiguinho” (“little friend”, in portuguese)

What a FACE, Lycia!

17 Responses to “Puppy Pillow Pal”

  1. jAN hUNTER

    Little Logan is just so precious and has an adorable face! I am glad he has fun with his stuffed animal. I bet Logan is so sweet and makes you laugh!

  2. Dianne

    Good morning little Logan
    You just gave me my AHHH moment for today
    You are a cutie-pie!

  3. Magdalena

    Ooo that precious face! I just wanna give Logan a big squeeze. :) Looks like he’s all set for an afternoon nap!

  4. Bobbie

    OMG, that is one of the cutest faces and cutest pictures I’ve EVER seen!!! I bet little Logan can be a pistol ;)

  5. Lum (Shadow's mom)

    Oh, hello Logan! What a little cutester you are! Whenever you want to visit the US, you have a friend here!


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