Do the Mayan predictions say anything about Shelties suddenly LOVING being wet?

Wow Dianne, Kelly really LOVES that hose!

11 Responses to “The Real 2012 Prophecy?”

  1. Dawn

    Katie hates water in a lake or river, and even sometime the wet grass, but she LOVES water out of a hose!!

  2. Tina Bembry

    Mine doesn’t like the rain, but LOVES playing with the water from the water hose. So much fun!

  3. Dianne

    Kelly is so funny..In the lake she will not go past her chest in the water…but when we turn the hose on we can,t keep her out of it.!
    Love our Shelties..they are all so special!

  4. Robby

    Yeah, my girl tries to herd and chomp the hose spray. She’ll keep it up until she collapses in an ecstatic, muddy heap. She loves those spray pattern sprinklers, too. So hilarious!

  5. jAN hUNTER

    Wow, is Kelly ever beautiful!!! I love that gorgeous smiling face and beautiful eyes ,and the wet, slightly curly hair. We had a sheltie named Richard who loved to bite the hose until soaked, herd the waves at the beach and swim in a pool! He would swim and then climb out via the pool ladder.

    Most of our shelties hate water. They try not to even look at it.

    Thanks for sharing this cute picture of a gorgeous sheltie.

  6. Judy

    Kelly sure looks like she had fun! And she is beautiful even when wet. Both my boys like playing around with the hose, we call it “bite the water” and they get soaked. My first Sheltie would go in the lake after my son when he was small trying to herd him back to shore. My Tyler chased the waves on the beach, but Rudy wouldn’t o anywhere near it. Kelly’s smile made me smile this morning. Thanks.

  7. Becky

    My Lady used to love going swimming in a lake, Lake Louise, Canada. She would wade into the water when I took my grandson fishing or walk through the water at the edge of the road when it rained. She loves the rain and smells fresh as a daisy when she comes in.

  8. Jo

    Another sign of End of Days! And that adorable Sheltie smile, on a wet Sheltie? Impossible I say.

    She sure is a cutie!

  9. Peggy

    Very cute! I have 3 shelties, one loves when we play with the hose, one hates getting wet, (she almost tip-toes through the wet grass in the morning, so cute!) and I haven’t played with the hose yet with my 7 month old puppy! maybe today!

  10. Ruth Shoenthal

    Bright eyes and a huge smile are the basis for a really happy face. What a happy face Kelly has. My guys won’t even step in a puddle let alone run under a hose spray.


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