Lily and Sammy are expecting cookies.

Time to pay up, Sarah & Tommy!

11 Responses to “We are NOT amused!”

  1. Pat Monday

    I am with Daria, if only I could send them what they deserve. I made this my background on my computer, I love it so much.

  2. Daria M

    Lily and Sammy’s expressions are PRICELESS! LOL Sending them both a cyber treat for being so tolerant of us silly humans!

  3. robertjm

    Sammy looks like he’s a good trooper, but Lily has a look on her face like, “Why, Mommy, WHY???” :-)

    Couldn’t get Jake to that if I wanted to.

  4. Beth

    Shelties just don’t like to look too silly!!! So cute though – and someone will have to pay up with lots of treats!!!

  5. Ann

    They look like they know the drill…suffer through pictures because it will pay off in the end with cookies. Smart Shelties!!!

  6. jAN hUNTER

    What adorable Easter shelties these two are! They are so pretty and their expressions are priceless. They can hop on over to my house ANYTIME!!

  7. dianne

    Love the looks on their little faces…Think they are telling you that ..”After all doing this ” We deserve a handful ofour special treats !| Very cute..LOL

  8. Danny's mommy

    Looks like mug shots! Not very happy at all. The humiliation of it all.! Yup. Time to pay up with lots of cookies. What is the next holiday? Just don’t let them know.

  9. Sullivan

    They are both adorable, but . . . if ever there was TWO cases of stink eye, this would be it, I would suggest cookies . . . lots of cookies, and in a hurry!


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