51 Responses to “Important News from Sheltie Nation Headquarters!”

  1. Chris

    So I go away for just a couple of weeks, and Kelly goes out and gets a new puppy!!!! I am pea green — what a sturdy little man!!!! Congratulations, Kelly!!!!

  2. Karen

    Oh the cute!! I can’t take it!.. lol…they are all adorable, and congrats on the little one.

  3. Susan L.

    The eyes have it. That pup will be a (dare I guess) a gentleman and a scholar. Right after he gets done chewing everything in sight of course. I guess male because of that wondrous coat. All the best to you with this new baby. The look in those eyes says heart and soul dog to me.

  4. Marge

    I lost my third Sheltie in January at age 15 years, 28 days. He was my “Once in a Lifetime” Sheltie. These pictures of the sable Shelties brings back a lot of good memories and I’m still missing him. No Sheltie for the first time in many years.

  5. Pat Monday

    I looked at the picture of the trio and once again I felt faint.

    Killing me softly with cuteness.

  6. Sitka and Brody's MOM

    You have to have more than one,,,,,such sweet faces!

  7. Teri (Cassie's momma)

    What an adorable trio of Shelties!! I am amazed at how fluffy the baby is…my girl is 4 months old and not at all that fluffy. Sweet loves!!

  8. Kimberly D

    Congratulations on the new cutie! Looks like a sweetheart (aren’t they all?)!

  9. Becky

    Oh, bless their sweet little souls! How about Sugar Bear? Or, Freyja? Is it a boy or a girl? Edin, Freyja’s Skye? I wish feeding mine after midnight would have this result, but alas, they’re not able to reproduce.

  10. Peggy

    They are adorable! Three is definitely the right number! We got a puppy in November, making our 3rd sheltie! Such fun!!

  11. Nancy Morgan

    I never feed mine after I go to bed either. They are so smart they would have me up every half hour asking to go out. Because they always get a cookie after going potty. I think sometimes they just asks to go out so they can have a cookie when they come in. Yours are all adorable. Such beautiful faces. I just love that “feed me” look in their eyes.
    I have Clancy and Bebe. And I am wanting a puppy so much for my 4 year old to have a playmate. My older dog, BEBE, just wants to take it easy. It takes a lot go prodding on his part to get her motivated and playing. Enjoy your Sheltie family!

  12. Diana

    Your little one should be named Teddy! It goes with the T-theme, and it fits him perfectly.

    Congratulations. I can’t believe how fluffy he is.

  13. susan

    Kelly what an adorable addtion to your family. I am so very happy for you, and what fun you will have.

  14. sylvia

    Oh what beauties,
    I wish upon a star that I was young enough to add another sheltie to my home.
    Looking so forward to hearing what name you choose for the new addition, and whats more – pics. of the little one growing up.

  15. jack (chewys') and (repunzel's) dad

    How blessed you are to have such cuties! what a wonderful new addition!

    the litning and thunder occured last night , so I had to bring my Shelties upstairs and let them sleep in the same room with me (I had to sleep0 on the couch). as long as I was there , they went right to sleep!

  16. Dianne

    OH My Gosh…They are adorable…I am jealous too!
    The look on the little one,s face is priceless, as are the other two! Love it..
    Another AHHHH moment for me today.Thankyou for sharing and wish you many many years of fun and joy with your three beautiful companions!


  17. cheryl

    What an absolutely adorable addition. If that’s what you get, I’m going to feed mine after midnight all the time (how many youngin’s will miss that reference?). Maybe the name Gizmo? But honestly, the pup is too cute to name that.

  18. jesshall

    What a cute addition. They are all so adorable. I may feed my Sheltie after midnight just so I can get a cute little pup like yours.

  19. jAN hUNTER

    oH MY!!! Do I ever love todays postings. The two adult shelties are beautiful. I love their expressions. The baby is a little furry teddy bear! Can not wait to see what he looks like as he grows. Congratulations and thank you for all the sheltie postings. This one, especially, was a delight!!

    P.S. I am going to start feeding my shelties after midnight to see if mine will multiply, as well.

  20. Lisa

    OMG!!! What a cute little snuggle bunny! Wishing you years of health and happiness with your new addition!

  21. Gail

    Congratulations! Where do you find such incredible cuties?

    For a name, how about Timbit!

  22. In Memory of TenBear (Sheltie)

    Shelties have such wonderful facial expressions – sweetness, joy, attentiveness, intelligence, and more – all displayed in their faces.

  23. OntarioSheltie

    What a little cutie pie! He/she looks like a little teddy bear! Congratulations on the new addition to your family.

  24. Helene

    So happy for you! Are we to assume his/her name will also start with a “T”???

  25. Cliff

    just call him (her) “the cuties of them all” what a sweetheart

    have a fun day (I know you will)

  26. Ronna

    A new puppy, Kelly! How exciting. Can’t wait to hear of the adventures of your three and to hear the new puppy’s name.

  27. karen

    How Adorable!!! Is that what makes them multiply? Feeding them after midnight? I will have to try that to see if I get anymore :-)

  28. Lynn Thibodeau

    awwww, Kelly! so cute. Make sure you let us know the name. Male or female? Maybe we all can help! :)

  29. Gloria

    OMG Kelly… what a cutie… one sheltie makes me smile, two makes me happy, three makes me ecstatic! What a cutie! Best of all, they all get along so well… Shelties by far are the best ever at welcoming new additions to the family…. GOTTA LOVE THEM!

    A BIG, HUGE, Congrats! I see hugs and kisses for the new addition…. many years of loving, laughs, and memories to come… can’t wait to see the coming photos on Sheltie Nation.

  30. Holly

    OH my goodness such cuteness!! Congratulations Kelly, three’s a charm! ;)

  31. Pat Monday

    I just passed out from cuteness overload!!

    Congratulations, I am so happy and jealous at the same time.

  32. Nickie Clifford (Amanda's mom)

    Oh My Goodness! What absolutely adorable furbabies! The epitome of the phrase “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed”. We once had a veterinary assistant say to our girl Amanda – “You know you’re fancy, don’t you?” Well, your three certainly have that same spark. Also, is that a puppy – or a teddy- bear?!;) Too cute for words!

  33. Sullivan

    Since they multiply after midnight, maybe little ones’ name should be Gremlin. What an adorable baby, how much fun is in your future? Lots of hugs and kisses.


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