15 Responses to “Dream a Little Dream”

  1. Kate Colbert

    Wow — she’s a beauty. I want to pick her up and snuggle her!

  2. Barb

    Oh my … Misti is adorable!!! Recharging for the next round of puppy fun!!!

  3. Joan

    Misti is one sweet, cuddly puff ball. Asleep or awake I don’t think I could leave her alone.

  4. jAN hUNTER

    Misti looks so sweet and pretty. I also love those little pink pads on her little feet! Have a wonderful life with Misti growing up.

  5. Nancy (Baily, Chloe & Dreamer's Mom)

    Oh, Misti is a beautiful puppy. I can’t wait to see more pictures of her as she grows (into a beautiful adult I’m sure!!).

  6. Jo

    Misti has to recharge her batteries cause I’m sure she’ll be off & running again as soon as she wakes. She is a very pretty pup.

  7. Cliff

    Misti is adorable! looks like she is recharging for another fun time with those toys.

    thanks for sharing this great picture,

  8. Sullivan

    This looks like a power nap that happened mid-play . . . couldn’t go anymore and just dropped where she was. What a little beauty Misti is, hope to see more pictures as she grows and matures. Lucky you Robin, looks like a life time of fun coming your way. It looks like she will grow to be a stunning adult.


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