Toby and Marley are meeting for the first time and Toby doesn’t know if he wants to share his footstool with Marley.

The look says it all, Dana!

10 Responses to “Please tell me it’s leaving?”

  1. Susan

    Too funny. We had a case of that when our pup Zoey came along a few years ago. Something tells me they be best buddies in no time.

  2. jack (chewys') and (repunzel's) dad

    what an adorable picture of two guys who are destined to be best buds!

  3. Robby

    Oh Toby, you were the new kid on the block once, yourself. It’s so haaard to have to share the love! LOL

  4. jAN hUNTER

    This picture is priceless!! It is hard to accept a new baby in the house but I am sure soon both Toby and Marley will be great buddies. I love the expressions on both their faces!

  5. jo

    They look like clones, except Toby’s face looks concerned with retaining ownership of his ottoman. Little Marley is watching Toby so closely, they’re a very cute pair.

  6. Teri (Cassie's momma)

    Adorable!! I have a 3 year old jack russel terrior mix and when I brought Cassie home Sadie was having those same looks :-) They get a long great now! Enjoy your new baby!

  7. Gloria

    sweet! love the caption… I am sure they will be best buds in no time!

  8. Elizabeth

    Toby is ‘chilly’ and civilized but quite brief in his response. They are SO honest when you get to read their expressions!

    I’ll bet they’re already best friends and happy companions. Although Marlow may have to chill out/grow up some before they can be BFF.

  9. Sullivan

    Toby’s got a serious case of the stink eye going on here, thinking that if he just ignores “the new kid”, he will go away. Next week when their pictures are posted they will be best friends, or at the least well on the way. That little Marley is a real stunner, congratulations on the new addition. Look at that sweet little face already looking for signs of acceptance.


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