Mika says: “Happy Memorial Day everyone!”

Very sweet, Barbara! :)

10 Responses to “Red, White and Cute”

  1. Barbara

    Thank you for posting, and thanks to everyone for your sweet comments! Mika thanks you, too, and she sends you all doggie kissies!

  2. Lum (Shadow's mom)

    You are fabulously handsome, Mika. And what a great name your people gave you!

  3. Dianne

    Happy Memorial Day to you too, Mika

    From you friend Kelly in Canada !!!LOL

  4. Amy/copper5228

    How cute! Happy Memorial ay to everyone and their furry friends…both here and in Dog Heaven. <3

  5. Sullivan

    So regal looking, so handsome. This baby has beautiful markings. HAPPY RED, WHITE AND BLUE everyone. Please stay safe.


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