Did you know that the bacteria found in pet waste poses health risks to you and your community? Yep, that cute Sheltie that loves to cuddle and fetch also has some nasty stuff in his intestines… stuff that can not only contaminate water supplies, but also result in a fine if you don’t pick it up.  Being responsible isn’t always fashionable, but Bags on Board makes that easier!

While the original Bags on Board gets the job done, some folks wanted something jazzier. This new fun bone designs come in pink or turquoise marble is just the ticket! This design is easy to use because one end unscrews for refill replacement and has a large opening for grabbing hold of the bag.  It also hooks easily onto the leash so there is no need to remember a bag on your way out the door. Features include:

  • Compact dispenser holds 15 large doggie cleanup bags
  • Attaches to any leash
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Includes 30 bags

We have partnered with Bags on Board to offer a raffle off two of this new design!  If you sign up to help support Sheltie Nation by being a Premium Member at our forums, you can enter to win! Click here:  Learn more and enter today by visiting the Sheltie Nation Bags on Board thread!

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