Rosie and Tansi are working on it. ;)
Maybe it will become a recognized sport someday, TeeLee1263? 

7 Responses to “Synchronized ‘Stick’ing”

  1. Judy

    These two are so pretty and cute. Love the wagging tails, they sure are having fun. My boys do the same thing with the soft frisbees.

  2. Nancy (Baily, Chloe & Dreamer's Mom)

    haha…I would love another Sheltie too! They are adorable!!

  3. Dawn

    That’s so cute! When the sport becomes recognized, they’ll be gold medalists!!

  4. Jane

    Oh my goodness. Do I ever want a second sheltie right now! Those two are adorable!

    • Lum (Shadow's mom)

      A second Sheltie? I want THESE cuties! Perfectly adorable …


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