Sick, senior or special needs Shelties require extra veterinary care.  Often, these dogs are the first to be euthanized at shelters.  Rescuing these dogs has become the focus of Sheltie Rescue Alternative, Inc.
Treasure is a “furever foster” at the rescue. He was pulled from a kill shelter just before last Thanksgiving at around age 15. Here he is, six months later, doing well and enjoying every day!

To inquire about adoptions, volunteering or to make a tax-deductible donation, you can visit their website.

Hugs for all you do for these special needs Shelties, Eva!

17 Responses to “What a “Treasure””

  1. Kate Colbert

    He looks tiny. I never would have guessed he was a senior. We have a 9-month-old who is unusually small (just 9 pounds); it never occurred to me that she might still look young even when she’s old! Thanks for this post. Two of our four were rescues — one rescued from an abusive home, where he suffered a brain stem injury and a broken femur at the age of 4 months, and our newest acquisition was rescued from a puppy mill delivery to a pet store (she had kennel cough and was just 3 pounds).

  2. Sue

    I thought he was a puppy as well when I first looked at his picture. I adopted a special needs sheltie two years ago from sheltie rescue of central Indiana. Abby will be 9 in July, she is my love. She has developed allergies, we start allergy shots in two weeks. She is still my beautiful daughter and I love her.

  3. Eva Saks

    Thanks folks for supporting Treasure. I am mad about him! BTW, he’s spicy more than sweet — in fact, he’s the Alpha pup here! LOL He’s funny and happy and feisty and a champion eater. xoxo

  4. Julie Canzoneri (Director, Tri-State Sheltie Rescue)

    I love the seniors! He is beautiful!!
    Thank you!!

  5. Maida Farrar

    I just want to hold and hug him and give him lots of kisses! God bless all the wonderful special people for rescuing him and so many little sweethearts that just need someone to love them more than anything. He has the most soulful eyes. Bless his sweet little heart.

  6. Susan

    At first glance I thought Treasure was a puppy, but then upon closer look realize he’s a senior Sheltie. So sad to know that many older dogs end up at shelters, but glad there are organizations such as this that rescue them.

  7. jAN hUNTER

    Treasure is indeed a treasure! He looks young and oh so sweet. May God bless the foster family and all the agencies to help these shelties.

  8. Danny's mommy

    At first glance I thought he was a puppy. Thank you for rescuing this sweet little pup.

  9. jack (chewys') and (repunzel's) dad

    Treasure looks like an angel–which is what you are for rescueing him–bless you!

  10. Bobbie

    Treasure looks like a little puppy! Hugs to you, you sweet boy and to your rescuers!

  11. Sullivan

    15? Wow!! He looks like a puppy. What a little cutie he is. Good on you for rescue.


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