When you are as cute and FUZZY as Roscoe!

A very important job for sure, Dan!

9 Responses to “Who needs spots?”

  1. Ann

    Rosco looks adorable on the fire engine! Great photo and great companion for the station!

  2. Kate Colbert

    Oh, this is too cute! But I can’t imagine a sheltie not spinning, barking and going nuts if the alarm goes off at the firehouse!

  3. Dianne

    So cute, and yes..for certain they won,t need any siren with Roscoe aboard!!

    Love it!

  4. Bill

    If he’s hanging around the local fire station, I’ll bet hes very spoiled…………….

    • Michele P.

      What a great picture & a real cutie that “Roscoe” is!!! Loved your picture of the day!

  5. jAN hUNTER

    Now that is what I call a perfect mascot for a fire station! He is beautiful.Yes, Bobbie is right. They will not need a siren with a sheltie on board. LOL.

  6. Bobbie

    What a great photo! And they won’t need a siren, either. Not with a sheltie on board!

  7. jo

    I feel so safe with Roscoe as the fire engine mascot. He’s a very handsome boy, too.


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