8 Responses to “You are mistaken. It is ONE toy with eight legs.”

  1. Barb Miller

    Brady is so pleased to have been featured on the Sheltie Nation home page on Saturday past! And we thank you all for the lovely comments! He does love his toys … we used to laugh at him when he was a puppy because he would take the 2 nylabones and carry them both around in his mouth – there was no way he would let Brandi have one!

    Barb in Sydney NS
    Brandi & Brady’s mom

  2. Beth

    Toy hoarding is definitely a sheltie obsession…two is always better than one!

  3. jAN hUNTER

    I love how Brady is resting his muzzle on his toys! He looks gorgeous as he guards them!

  4. jo

    How cute! Our Roxie often gathers up as many toys as she can then lays on them, staring at Forrest, daring him to try for one.

    Those toys are all yours, Brady! Happy birthday, you don’t have to share until the day after your birthday.

  5. Dianne

    Brady has such a pretty face…He looks so content cuddling up to his eight legged buddy!

  6. karen

    I think there is a 14 step program that can help with toy hoarding :-) Cute guard dog!, even if it is a toy guard.


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