17 Shelties in one photo!
Here are 4 generations of Shelties having a family reunion at an agility trial.
Front row – (l to r) Beau, Spring, Kayla, Lauren, Winnie, Linus, Briana, Ritz, Sally, Luc, and Chrissy
Back row – (l to r) Lucy, Jet, Kai, Gunner, Moriah and Jett
Holly cow, Glen and Susan. What an awesome picture!
Go for 18 next year! :))

25 Responses to “A Sheltie Nation Record”

  1. Tina Bembry

    wow – just stunning to see the family resemblance – way to go, breeder(s)! They look just gorgeous and it’s awesome they all get to be in agility!

  2. Ursula

    Now, I’m as big a sheltie fan as any of you (as evidenced by my hanging out on sheltienation.com) but I have to say, 17 shelties is too many shelties!

    I feel like I’m going to get swarmed by sheltie clones!

  3. Michelle Arthebise

    This is heaven on earth; beauty, sweetness, infinite love!

  4. Sullivan

    If ever there was a photo for a calendar, this would be it! It is so wonderful to get to drink in all of this beauty in one spot. As with everyone else, kudos to who ever was able to get all this cooperation at one time.

  5. jAN hUNTER

    Oh my goodness–could it get any better than this? Seeing 17 gorgeous, brilliant shelties in one photo is just amazing. This was such a treat for me!

    I hope to see this gorgeous family in more photos.

    • Diane

      I can only speak for Gunner….he is 3 years old. Spring, Kai, Gunner and Jet are all from the same litter….Linus is the Daddy! We just love them all!!

  6. Abby Stover

    What a Wonderful picture. They look so beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. In Memory of TenBear (Sheltie)

    It’s a good thing that a spectator didn’t say “Who wants a cookie?!”. (grin)

  8. Kate Colbert

    Oh, my gosh! These dogs are clearly VERY well trained. It’s nearly impossible for us to get our FOUR shelties lined up for a photo. Whoever orchestrated this has my highest respect. Impressive!

  9. Dianne

    OMG…So cute and can,t wait to see their next reunion..Yes! !8 ????

  10. Joan

    Simply amazing! How does one get that many lively Shelties to stay still long enough AND all look at the camera? That is a lot of love in one spot! Oh if only I could be right in the middle. :)

  11. jesshall0728

    I love this picture they are all so pretty and you can see the resemblance in all of them.

  12. Nancy Morgan

    What a great picture! Only Chrissy sort of wanted her space! LOL It must take great patience to get them all to sit like that at one time. Awesome.

  13. Ann

    It’s like dying and going to heaven seeing all these shelties at one time and so well behaved.Thanks for sharing this photo .You made my day !

    • Tonya

      Haha! I thought that too!

      Such a beautiful (and impressive) picture. I can’t get my ONE sheltie and ONE border collie to cooperate for a picture!

  14. Gloria

    Now that is one cool picture. Owners and shelties must of had a great time. So nice to see they get together for a reunion.


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