8 Responses to “Ever feel like you are being watched?”

  1. Piya

    As I was reading this, guess what my Pebbles was doing…yep, keeping an eye on me. The funniest is when my husband goes to another room so the sheltie strategically picks a spot mid point from us, so she can quickly get to us if we need her help with something (if she can see both of us from a certain location, then better)!

  2. karen

    Yep, there’s the lil bugger…. too cute!! And I notice the sheltie stare, my Lizzie stares a hole in my head when I am on the computer, I turn around minutes later, and there she is still staring, almost like saying “read my mind, get off now!! “

  3. Dianne

    So true…Our Sheltie has to know where everybody is at all times, and if you close the door behind you

    • joanna

      You can close a door behind you??????? How do you make that happen in a Sheltie house??

  4. Sullivan

    Since you live in a home with a Sheltie, you know you are NEVER out of a Shelties’ line of sight. There is not one move you can make in your whole house that that sweet little furbaby does not see. What a beautiful baby that is, such a gorgeous coat and really nice markings.


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