13 Responses to “God Bless the Shelties”

  1. Nickie Clifford (Amanda's mom)

    That is how I envision my “Shugerr” peacefully waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for her loving family to join her.

  2. Nancy (Baily, Chloe & Dreamer's Mom)

    Awww – beautiful picture of a beautiful girl.

  3. Sullivan

    What a beautiful light God is shining on your sweet Elaine. There can be no mistake on the majesty of this wonderful breed, as known to all of us as our heart-dog. You can not have a Sheltie in your life and not know the complete and total love and devotion these little Angels bestow on us.

  4. Dianne

    A beautiful and awesome photo of your little Sheltie Elaine..Indeed she is a blessed Angel

    My Ahhh moment for today and thankyou for sharing!

  5. jAN hUNTER

    Thanks for sharing Elaine with us. She is beautiful and this is a very special photo.

  6. Gloria

    What a beautiful picture of Elaine! AND GOD MADE SHELTIES!!!!!!!!!!!
    All sheltie lovers know what a blessing they are to us! Thanks for sharing Barbara.

  7. Jo

    She really does look like an angel! Elaine is a pretty girl posed in the grass.


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