I asked my mom how my dog Maxx was doing in Florida. She responded with this:

LOL…good times, Erica!

14 Responses to “Meanwhile at the Barka Raton”

  1. Stephanie Pocius

    Thats awesome!!! HAHA your mom must have a great sense of humour and it looks like Maxx had a great holiday.

  2. Kate Colbert

    Laughed out loud! So cute. Maxx is a good sport to sit still for this photo.

  3. Missy D

    “Please… no pictures… I’m not giving autographs at this time…”

  4. Dianne

    LOVE IT!! Hey Maxx ..Wish I was sitting along beside you and you mommy! So funny!

  5. Sharon

    This is a great shot – your mom has a good sense of humor. Obviously, Maxx is living the high life!!!

  6. jAN hUNTER

    I am glad to see that Maxx is chillin’ out in Florida. He is certainly a very handsome traveler. Have fun, Maxx!

  7. leslie

    Maxx is living the life of Riley! Grandpuppy parents take such good care of our furbabies, don’t they?! Sooooo jealous right now…

  8. Bill

    What better way to spend a hot day than laying on the cool bricks with a tall cold one.

  9. Sullivan

    Party down Maxx!! It won’t be long before all the cute little “pool pups” will coming around to check out the new guy in town, so long as “Grandma” doesn’t give him the car keys, he’ll be good to go!


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