13 Responses to “Sheltie, Master of Disguise!”

  1. jAN hUNTER

    What a beauty Missy is! I can tell she is full of love and fun. Enhoy!!!

  2. Dianne

    Missy is absolutely adorable,and you are going to have many years of fun together!

  3. Suzanne

    Yeah, my Rasa always gets, “Oh, it’s a baby Lassie.” I will agree that Rasa is photogenic and smart (could save Timmy from the well), but not a collie. Welcome Missy, to the Sheltie Nation family and fans.

    • Jessica

      If Lassie were a sheltie, Timmy never would have fallen in the well. He would have been herded back into the yard.

      • Sullivan

        Jessica, that is too funny and oh so true! We all know Sheltie’s are WAY superior to the collie’s

  4. Pat Monday

    What Matilda usually gets is, “Is that a mini collie?” No way, I am sheltie! Get used to it!

    Missy’s markings are gorgeous. What a little doll. Congratulations.

  5. Sullivan

    What a little stunner she is, you are going to have way too much fun with this one. Good wishes for a long, healthy life with Missy.


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